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Bruce Stein, R.Ph., Ph.D.
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Dr. Stein is a pharmacist and has a Ph.D. in fermentation chemistry. He has successfully filed and prosecuted hundreds of chemical and pharmaceutical patents claiming the following subject matter:

In addition to drafting and prosecuting the above patent applications, Dr. Stein has extensive experience in client counseling. He has also argued cases at the Board of Appeals and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and been involved in interferences and licensing matters.
You can let his experience help you and your research group. Have Dr. Stein present his short course "Patent Law for Scientists and Management" to your chemists, chemical engineers, management, licensing personnel, business decision makers, etc. The course is not only for industry, but is well suited for university research scientists. Let Dr. Stein impart his knowledge and experience to your scientists and management at your location!

After this short course was presented to Pharmacia, Dr. Paul Aristoff, Director of Medicinal Chemistry commented:

"Bruce did a fabulous job of educating our new scientists (and re-educating those who already had some familiarity with patents) of the complexities and key issues surrounding intellectual property and patents. This was an extremely valuable use of the chemist's time."

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